Some of the projects I've worked on

Cartas en la Pared
Original soundtrack for Girls' Love Webtoon Original
Original boss fight theme for D&D campaign on Twitch
Original opening song for Webtoon Originals animation video (soon)
Original music & arrangement work for mystery/horror visual novel with point and click elements
A Calico's Journey original music commission
Music composition & production collab with Circus-P for anthology theme song and video
Original song for visual novel / RPG inspired by Vocaloid culture and characters
Sharing the World by BIGHEAD (Spanish version) vocal tuning for Miku Expo 2016 & 2018
Original theme song for art collaboration event & video
Ya se cumplió
Music production, arrangement, backing vocals & vocal tuning for singer-songwriter David Pineda
Original music for art collaboration event
Arrangement and production collaboration with Myriad and iNahual
Pre-production assistance & vocal tuning for singer-songwriter Homero III

Personal projects

Maubox: Original songs and videos featuring vocal synth software
Ankari's PNGtuber streaming adventures